Baseball Arm Sleeves

Compression arm sleeves are hugely beneficial for many athletes including baseball players.  This is true for those at all levels of competition.  As with many other athletic gear items, the technology used in baseball arm sleeves has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last ten years.  Paired with the exponential growth in compression sleeve research, compression arm sleeves have become an essential item rather than an obscure one.

The benefits of wearing compression arm sleeves for baseball players are similar to benefits garnered by anyone who wears these arm sleeves.  However, several specific challenges that all baseball players face can be solved or aided by wearing one or a pair of sleeves.

While not an issue in warm southern regions spring training or the first month of any baseball season can bring unpredictable weather that often throws rain, wind and chilly temperatures at everyone on the diamond.  Coaches have the luxury of wearing an overcoat but if you’re in a game the limit is what can be worn under your uniform.  Wearing arm sleeves for baseball adds one extra layer of warmth but also provides wicking capabilities that regulate skin moisture and temperature.  If you are in the unfortunate situation of being on the diamond painfully watching a series of walks your arm can get cold and put you at risk for an injury when that next ball comes your way.

As the season progresses and temperatures warm up a little, these compression arm sleeves are a great for when wearing a long sleeve undershirt will be too warm but short sleeves won’t cut it.  They can easily be removed if temperatures rise without the hassle of removing your jersey.

The compression fit of baseball arm sleeves hold tight to your arm allowing you to move and throw without having extra fabric flapping around.  And don’t think that they will compress your muscles so much that it will restrict movement.  If compression arm sleeves did that you wouldn’t see professional players using them.


The benefits of compression will give any player the extra edge they need.  Wearing compression arm sleeves during practice or play will help reduce swelling and any pain associated with it.  Swelling is a result of inflammation and is your body’s response to the repeated hard throws that are a part of the sport.  Catcher’s elbows can also take a beating from absorbing the energy from pitch after pitch after pitch.  Keeping swelling to a minimum is a way to stay healthy and in the game.

Not only does compression during play help but wearing compression arm sleeves for recovery will also be beneficial.  Compression during recovery also helps keep swelling down but speeds recovery by increasing blood flow and promoting blood flow back to your core.

The two baseball compression arm sleeves below will do wonders for your game and are affordable enough that you’d be kicking yourself if you didn’t give them a try.


Evoshield Baseball Arm SleeveBaseball Arm Sleeve Evoshield
Evoshield is a top notch manufacturer of compression arm sleeves and their baseball sleeve is perfect for any baseball player.  The fabric is moisture wicking which will keep you dry and comfortable even when sweating hard.  This sleeve has a compression fit which helps support your muscles in addition to increasing the circulation in your arm.  The seams in this sleeve are flat and very durable.  You can’t go wrong with this sleeve.


Under Armour Baseball Arm SleeveBaseball Arm Sleeve Under Armour
Under Armour has brought so much innovation to the sporting world since its inception.  Their baseball arm sleeve is yet another high quality product designed with the baseball player in mind.  This arm sleeve is comprised of form fitting compression fabric that wicks moisture away form your skin.


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