Basketball Sleeves

Basketball arm sleeves have become very popular over the last few years.  Originally worn by Allen Iverson, basketball players have flocked to these sleeves to improve performance.  Many professional basketball players now wear arm sleeves on a regular basis, either during practices and games or for recovery.  Sometimes called shooting sleeves or shooter sleeves, these basketball arm sleeves serve a number of purposes.  The benefits of wearing a shooting sleeve can help even the casual, pick-up basketball player.  The following describes the main benefits of basketball sleeves and some of the highest rated basketball sleeves can be found below.



Wearing basketball arm sleeves for their compressive effects is probably the most important single reason why so many people use them.  There are a wide variety of benefits of using compression therapy during or after exercise.  Compression through arm sleeves helps to keep the arm muscles in the correct position, which in turn can help your form.  Swelling reduction is another huge benefit of basketball compression sleeves, especially if you have a sit down job where your body isn’t moving much after your morning shooting session.  In this situation, by using compression arm sleeves after exercising goes a long way to keep arm swelling in check.  By increasing the circulation of blood in your arms even while sedentary, basketball compression sleeves will speed the recovery process by helping your body process the by products of exercise faster than without compression.


Keeps muscles warm

Despite often being played indoors, the ambient air temperature can put you at risk for muscle injury, especially if your muscles aren’t warmed up before playing.  Let’s face it, those of us that properly warm up are in the vast minority.  Thus, wearing arm sleeves can help reduce injury by keeping your arm muscles warm both before and after warming up.  Most casual basketball happens in spurts rather than in a long marathon like event.  This can cause the temperature of your muscles to fluctuate.  The risk here is with overstitching and cramping.  As a result, spending a few dollars on a pair of arm sleeves will keep your biceps and triceps warm and will evaporate sweat and cool your arms as you begin to sweat.



The physicality of playing basketball at any level can take its toll on the body.  Compared to football or hockey there isn’t a lot of protective gear that can be worn to play basketball.  Knee or elbow pads tend to be clunky and cause more problems than they are worth.  But the great thing is that some of the basketball shooting sleeves now come with padding to protect the elbow.  This way you can have all the benefits of wearing a compression arm sleeve and keep your elbows free from the trauma of falling to the ground or running into a wall.



Let’s be honest; like all of us, a lot of basketball players want to be in on the next best trend.  I’m sure a good portion of players that use shooting sleeves do it because it looks cool, and hey, who can blame them?  Related to this is the fact that some players have tattoos that are less than appropriate to be displayed in a family environment… or on television for that matter.  Wearing a full-length basketball arm sleeve makes sure the game coming into your home is at least PG.

There are all kinds of basketball shooting sleeves out there but below are three of the most highly rated sleeves.


Most popular basketball shooting sleeves

Nike Basketball SleeveNike_Basketball_Sleeve


  • Dri-fit fabric wicks moisture away, keeping you cool
  • Lightweight arm support
  • Added ventilation zones for additional cooling
  • Seamless construction to prevent distraction


  • Compression sleeve that reduces soreness and fatigue
  • Hexpad design protects elbow from impact
  • The HydraVent hDc™ moisture management technology helps maintain a stable temperature

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Under Armour Shooter Sleeve


  • Tight compression fit, increasing blood circulation and performance
  • The HeatGear® moisture transport system keeps you cool and dry 
  • Full coverage from shoulder to wrist
  • Enhanced muscle support