Elbow Compression Sleeves

Many people will find relief in wearing an elbow compression sleeve.  Whether you suffer from tennis elbow, golfers elbow, arthritis or an undiagnosed elbow pain, an elbow compression sleeve can be the solution to your problem.  A number of manufacturers make compression sleeves for elbows and the sleeves range from thick neoprene to more traditional compression fabrics so there is no doubt that you will find one that meets your needs.

As with many minor muscle and joint pains the first path to relief lies in the acronym RICE which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation.  The focus here will be on the benefits of compression.  When it comes to dealing with minor elbow pain, after resting and applying ice, a compression sleeve can be used to prevent and/or reduce swelling.  Often people find immediate comfort in the hours and days after donning an elbow compression sleeve for the first time.  Utilizing compression for minor acute and chronic elbow pain can help by stabilizing the adjacent muscles, decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation.  Most elbow compression sleeves will do so without compromising flexibility or elbow range of motion.

Elbow compression sleeves that are made from neoprene are the best choice for chronic elbow pain as they provide therapeutic warmth and healing along with compression.  If you have chronic elbow pain be sure that you choose a compression sleeve that is comfortable enough to wear repeatedly or for long periods of time rather than one that offers the most compression possible.  Some compression elbow sleeves are even made to be worn 24 hours a day.  Keep in mind that neoprene elbow sleeves do not offer the breathability and wicking properties of elbow compression sleeves geared more toward athletes that are made to be worn during exercise.

There is a limit to the amount of compressive pressure above which no increase in healing or recovery speed is observed.  In fact, too much compression can actually have a detrimental effect to recovery.  This can cause increased swelling in the arm above and below the compression sleeve.  The good news is that most if not all over the counter compression elbow sleeves will not be too compressive so long as you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to appropriate sizing.  One of the most common findings in compression research is the reduction in perceived delayed onset muscle soreness.  This means that using compression during recovery can make you feel better in the days following a hard workout when muscle soreness can be painful.

If elbow pain is bothering you then trying an elbow compression sleeve is an inexpensive option that may make your life a little more comfortable and pain free.  Below are some examples of good quality elbow compression sleeves that may help relieve your elbow pain.



Elbow Compression Sleeve Shock DoctorShock Doctor Elbow Compression sleeve with Extended Coverage

  • Anatomical pre-curved compression fit
  • Breathable mesh window keeps you dry
  • Easy on/off finger tabs




Tommie Copper Elbow Compression SleeveElbow Compression Sleeve Tommie Copper

  • Wickable fabric keeps skin dry
  • Stimulates blood flow, decreases inflammation and increases mobility
  • Gentle compression allows for 24 hour use, even while asleep


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