Lymphedema Sleeves

About lymphedema
Lymphedema is a medical condition characterized by build up of lymphatic fluid in the interstitial spaces of the extremities.  Typically this occurs in the arms or legs but can develop in other areas of the body.  The mechanism behind lymphedema is that the lymphatic fluid produced by lymph nodes in the affected area is shuttled away slower than it is produced.  One of the risk factors for developing lymphedema is any surgery where lymph nodes are removed.  Radiation therapy and parasitic infection can cause lymphedema.  This condition can also be inherited.

Why is lymphedema a problem?

When left untreated, lymphatic fluid will continue to build up.  This fluid, rich in protein is relatively stagnant and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that can result in serious infection.  Lymphedema also reduces the amount of oxygen available to tissues in the afflicted area and prolongs wound healing.  In severe cases skin ulcers can occur and in rare cases can lead to a certain type of cancer.

What is the treatment for lymphedema?

Treatment for lymphedema will depend on the root cause of the condition.  Typically these include one or more of the following; lymphatic drainage, bandaging, changes to skin care and diet, compression sleeves and certain exercises.    Compression lymphedema arm sleeves are generally worn during the day and help maintain the arm in an edema free state while also allowing for a natural arm shape in a non-bulky manner that can be easily hidden under clothing.  However, compression arm sleeves do allow some lymphatic fluid to return to the arm, which is why lymphedema bandages are preferred for nighttime use.

What lymphedema compression arm sleeves do

Compression lymphedema arm sleeves help control the amount of swelling of the arm during the day when an individual is active and moving about.  There are four levels of compression arm sleeves described as class 1-4.  These classes are divided based on the amount of pressure, measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) they exert and can be seen below.
Class 1: 20-30 mm Hg
Class 2: 30-40 mm Hg
Class 3: 40-50 mm Hg
Class 4: 50-60 mm Hg

Class 3 and 4 compression arm sleeves are used in more severe cases of lymphedema and are available by custom order.

Types of lymphedema compression arm sleeves

Lymphedema sleeves provide a compression gradient whereby the level of compression is greater at the wrist than it is toward the upper arm.  This promotes drainage of lymphatic fluid out of the afflicted arm.

There are several different fabrics that most lymphedema arm sleeves are made from.  Nylon, silk and microfiber are the most common.  Nylon compression sleeves provide a moderate level of compression while being easy to hide under clothing, as they are very thin.  Silk compression arm sleeves are a great option for anyone who prefers natural fibers.  Similar in level of compression to nylon sleeves, silk sleeves typically last longer than nylon sleeves but will still need replacement every six months.  Microfiber compression arm sleeves are available in levels of compression similar to nylon and silk sleeves, but can also be used when a greater level of compression is needed.

Lymphedema compression sleeves for arms come in a variety of flesh tone colors as well as white and black.  Some even come in exotic prints and bright colors to wear with pride!

See The Best lymphedema compression

arm sleeves below

Jobst Ready-To-Wear Compression Armsleeve

Jobst Compression Armsleeve

  • Low compression, 20-30 mm Hg
  • Silicon band at upper arm keeps the sleeve from falling down
  • Thin, lightweight construction
  • Easy to don
  • Fits many different arm sizes and shapes
  • Breathable

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LympheDivas Solid Color Compression Armsleeve


  • Low compression, 20-30 mm Hg
  • Seamless nylon construction
  • Comfortable, silicone free top
  • Dries quickly due to moisture wicking technology
  • Show your pride with this brightly colored arm sleeve

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Juzo Lymphedema Armsleeve Series 2000


  • Moderate compression, 30-40 mm Hg Juzo Compression Armsleeve
  • Silicon band at upper arm keeps the sleeve  from falling down
  • Extremely soft
  • Constructed for an inconspicuous look
  • Excellent range of motion due to high elasticity
  • Breathable
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