Sun Sleeves

Recreational runners or those training for a race typically spend some or all the time not on a treadmill, but outdoors.  Thoughts of sun damage to your arms while running may not be on the top of your head.  Work, stress and the struggles of daily life tend to fill our minds.  Running for any length of time outdoors puts your skin at risk for damage from UV rays, this holds true for cycling and other outdoor pursuits.

Rather than slopping on the sunscreen before every run, there is a better way to protect your arms.  Wearing compression arm sleeves while running can provide the needed UV protection that you are looking for.  This is in addition to the benefits of compression.

Some compression arm sleeves are specifically designed to provide maximum UV protection but nearly all compression sleeves will offer some level of sun protection.  Typically the darker the arm sleeve the more UV protection it will offer, so think about compression sleeves in black or another dark color. 

Use your best judgment to decide on compression sleeves that will meet your needs and provide the amount of sun protection you desire.  Some things to consider are the temperature and time of day when you typically exercise outside.  If you run early in the morning and live in San Francisco you will likely need less sun protection than if you exercise at noon in Las Vegas.  

There are many types and styles of compression sleeves for your arms.  So many that it can seem like navigating a maze to sort all the differences out.  Below are some of the top sun sleeves, some are compressive, others are not.  

Skins Adult Unisex A400 Compression Sleeves

Skins compression arm sleeves

The A400 series compression sleeves from Skins are very comfortable and offer many benefits.  Their design includes dynamic gradient compression to speed blood flow to your biceps, triceps and forearm muscles.  This helps improve performance as well as reduce post-exercise soreness.  These sleeves wick moisture away and have a permanent anti-microbial treatment.  Their excellent UPF 50+ rating blocks at least 97.5% of UV radiation they are exposed to, keeping your arms healthy inside and out.  They are made from 76% Nylon, and 24% Spandex.

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Pearl Izumi Sun SleevesPearl Izumi arm sun sleeves

Lightweight and cool, Pearl Izumi’s sun sleeves are a great non-compressive option for sun protection.  Their In–R–Cool® technology combined with their white color provide an optimal skin cooling effect that is perfect for exercising in hot weather.   Rated at UPF 40+ puts these sleeves in the highest ultraviolet protection factor category and eliminates the need for sun screen lotions.  If you are more interested in sun protection than compression, the Pearl Izumi sun sleeves are a top pick. 

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