Top Compression Arm Sleeve Brands

Before buying any old arm sleeve you should understand which companies make high quality products that will not come apart or fail prematurely. Each company also specializes in a particular area of the compression arm sleeve market. Below is a guide to help you narrow down the brands that are likely to meet your needs. While there are other companies that make compression arm sleeves, the list below offers your best bet with regard to finding sleeves that are made by reputable companies that will stand behind their products.

Most compression arm sleeve manufacturers specialize in either performance or medical based sleeves. As a result, each brand has been listed under either the performance or medical headings even though some brands offer sleeves that would meet both needs.

The companies below are focused on helping you increase performance and make your recovery time more valuable.

2XU – If endurance sports are your thing, then 2XU may be your go to brand for compression arm sleeve. 2XU supports runners, cyclists and triathletes with their variety of arm sleeves. Their Refresh recovery focused arm sleeves have enhanced compression to make the most out of your recovery time.

– Arm compression sleeves made by Adidas are geared mainly toward basketball and soccer players, but they do offer sleeves for running as well. Adidas also makes a recovery specific compression arm sleeve.

– Evoshield is more focused on protection than compression. They offer padded gear for all the major sports and even less popular ones like lacrosse. That being said, the do have a few compression arm sleeves and all their products are good quality.

– McDavid has it all. Whether you are looking for a compression sleeve or a hinged knee brace, McDavid makes it. They make high quality compression garments and their selection is second to none in the performance compression market.

– Nike caters its arm sleeve products mainly toward football and basketball players. It is easy to see this when looking at their compression sleeves as they incorporate a thick foam padding in the elbow region. Nike didn’t get to be an industry leader by producing low quality apparel and they stand behind their products, so you can rest assured when buying a Nike arm sleeve.

– Zensah creates compression garments for a wide range of sports. Everything from compression socks to compression arm sleeves are in their product line. The great thing about Zensah products is their seamless technology which makes their compression garments very comfortable.


Each of the companies below have carved out a niche in the medical compression sleeve market. As a result you will find that their sleeves are described by the amount of compression pressure they exert and typically are made in more neutral colors that can easily be worn discreetly under other garments.

Jobst – Enhancing the quality of life for those suffering from swelling related diseases is the mission of Jobst. Not only do they sell compression sleeves for the treatment of lymphedema, they also offer a number of products for both men and women for use in medical compression.

– Juzo is a world leader in the medical and surgical compression sleeve space. Their Soft 2000 sleeve is widely popular for its unsurpassed soft feel and comfort during wear. Juzo arm sleeves are an important tool for treating lymphedema and other edema related conditions.

Lymphedivas – 
As the name implies, Lymphedivas specializes in compression arm sleeves for use in the treatment of lymphedema. They strive to create medically correct fashion wear that is comfortable. If you are looking for some wild patterns and bright colors a Lymphediva arm sleeve would be a kick!

– Mediven offers a limited number of arm sleeves as they are more focused on treating conditions of the leg. Most of their sleeves are of some shade of nude tones. They also have gauntlets that help reduce swelling in the hand as well as arm.


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