Upper Arm Sleeves

Bicep Sleeve Body HelixUpper arm sleeves can be a lifesaver when it comes to biceps, tricpeps or deltoid injuries aswell as any number of swelling related conditions. Upper arm sleeves are similar to many other types of arm sleeves except that they are also made as wraps. Both designs serve similar functions and depending on your situation you will likely choose one or the other. Simple in design and use, upper arm sleeves can easily be concealed under many types of shirts, including those with short sleeves.
Before discounting how an upper arm sleeve can help you think about your last overuse injury. Remember how long it took to heal? Unfortunately as we age the time it takes to heal increases. And, once you have an overuse injury the likelihood of reinjuring the same muscle or tendon also goes up. Whether you’re young or young at heart, take care of your body and it will take care of you. Just as with many other compression sleeves or healing aids, upper arm sleeves can help you heal faster and live a happier life. Best of all they are convenient and easy to use.

Upper Arm Sleeve Benefits
The benefits of upper arm sleeves fall into two general categories. The first benefit is that they reduce pain and swelling caused by injuries or certain medical conditions. Examples of medical conditions that can be helped by upper arm sleeves are biceps tendon rupture, olecranon fracture, tricipital tendonitis, as well as overuse injuries. Upper arm sleeves help by supporting the damaged muscles and tendons, restricting movement and muscle oscillation. The strategically designed compression fit is just what your arm needs to heal faster. The second benefit of upper arm sleeves is that they prevent new injuries as well as susceptible areas that have been previously injured.

How to Choose an Upper Arm Sleeve?
Your situation and activity level will determine which upper arm sleeve is right for you. That being said several things to think about are comfort during wear, level of compression, and quality of fit. To be specific, you want an arm sleeve to be comfortable so you will not notice it once donned. It should be secure with no rolling or slipping. This is especially important if you will be playing sports or engaging in other physical activities. Some upper arm sleeves include padding that is perfect if you are playing a full contact sport such as hockey.

Once you find a great upper arm sleeve be sure to take care of it to maximize its useful lifespan. Take a few minutes and read our care guide for tips on how to properly take care of arm sleeves.

The sleeves below are a few examples of some great upper arm sleeves.

Evoshield Upper Arm GuardEvoshield upper arm sleeve
Evoshield’s Upper Arm Guard is the perfect solution to upper arm protection.  It molds to your arm creating a perfect fit.  It is very lightweight and the custom-molding padding extents to the elbow for protection from abrasion.  Once you remove the sleeve from the bag it will activate the custom molding process.   Place it in the sleeve and put it on to make it fit to the contours of your arm.  The padding or shield can even be replaced.  This sleeve is a great choice for use while playing impact sports like lacrosse or football.


Cho-PatBiceps Triceps Cuff Cho-Pat
The Cho-Pat biceps-triceps sleeve has a unique design that applies dynamic circumference pressure to the upper and lower biceps and triceps muscles at the same time.  This helps reduce repetitive motion injuries and pain.  The design of this upper arm sleeve helps to reduce by dispersing the stress on the biceps and triceps muscle attachments.  With the velcro straps of this sleeve you can adjust the level of compression applied rather than having one standard level of compression.  This also helps increase the lifespan of the sleeve since you can tighten the straps if the fabric stretches over time.


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